Great News! We have recently been approved as a member of the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA) which is a member-driven association which offers quality inbound tourism services of the highest level in the tourism industry. SATSA provides credible reassurance to local and international buyers, that, member companies have been certified as a provider of […]


Hospitality Affairs has been attending a number of trade shows locally and internationally to promote our eventing and travel side of the business. Participation at these shows does not come cheap by any means but through International Market Access Programmes (IMAP), pioneered by the National Department of Tourism, we are most grateful to have been […]

It’s that Season Again…

Christmas! It’s the one time during the year when we all looking forward, with great anticipation, to the joyous season of peace, goodwill and happiness, sharing the Christmas spirit with our loved ones, friends and colleagues.  Why not make the effort to decorate your home this season, and bring a real sense of Christmas into […]

Maintaining your weight goal during the party season

Maintaining your weight goal during the holiday season especially around festive season can be major challenge. We work so hard, denying ourselves throughout the year, only to capitulate during the month of December. Off course we have to eat, drink and be merry but the results may be regrettable. The trick to manage and maintain […]

Profile – Itumeleng Pooe

It is not by coincidence that Hospitality Affairs has been very successful in the business of curating experiences and creating lifetime memories for over 16 years. With the advantage of having Itumeleng Pooe, a seasoned travel industry expert at the helm as Chief Executive Officer, the company is anticipated to grow from strength to strength, […]

Themed and dress-up parties

It’s that time of the year again when we all get overwhelmed by invitations to parties, some whacky, some traditional and some absolutely mysterious! We all tend to gravitate to those that promise loads of fun!  Dress -up parties are always stressful though and often make guests anxious, the simpler the theme the less fun, […]

The art of eventing and incentive travel

Hospitality Affairs is a boutique events company that specializes in creating memorable events and unique travel experiences for corporate and private clients who value the importance of brand reputation. Our close-knit team brings together a broad range of professional expertise We focus on strategic brand optimization and provide a truly unique exposure for our clients […]

Founder Profile – Patrick de Bree

What inspired you to start Hospitality Affairs? I started Hospitality Affairs in 2003 to support the Arts by bringing corporate clients to the Theatre with tailor made Hospitality Packages.Having done this for approximately three years in the Netherlands with great success, I realised that there was also a niche market here in South Africa, for […]

Understanding sustainability in the Events Business

Sustainability has become a very topical and extremely important subject. It is a focal topic of discussions within all businesses and industries as climate change increasingly impacts the world we live in.  It encompasses the environment, conservation, consciousness, sound and ethical business practices and social investment. For the events industry, all these are important but the […]

A truly green Christmas

We endeavor to be environmentally friendly and we try to support our local community as much as we can through: Producing high quality materials that last for many years; by offering multiple year contracts with a long-term vision.  Developing concepts with a strong base of items that can be used in a smart way; to create […]