It’s that Season Again…

Christmas! It’s the one time during the year when we all looking forward, with great anticipation, to the joyous season of peace, goodwill and happiness, sharing the Christmas spirit with our loved ones, friends and colleagues.  Why not make the effort to decorate your home this season, and bring a real sense of Christmas into […]

Maintaining your weight goal during the party season

Maintaining your weight goal during the holiday season especially around festive season can be major challenge. We work so hard, denying ourselves throughout the year, only to capitulate during the month of December. Off course we have to eat, drink and be merry but the results may be regrettable. The trick to manage and maintain […]

Our Approach to Eventing

The world of eventing  has a myriad of layers and types of events ranging from “sweet  sixteen” parties, rugby tournaments to flashy launches of brand new products to market, such as, an exciting new car model, a new beverage brand or the latest gadget or device. While these all necessitate various input levels of energy, feelings and emotions […]