Themed and dress-up parties

It’s that time of the year again when we all get overwhelmed by invitations to parties, some whacky, some traditional and some absolutely mysterious! We all tend to gravitate to those that promise loads of fun!  Dress -up parties are always stressful though and often make guests anxious, the simpler the theme the less fun, […]

Harvard ALI Reunion Tour -2019 – South Africa

We did not stop at anything  putting together the itinerary for the global impact makers and influencers who chose to come to South Africa over other amazing destinations. These are highly regarded individuals from around the world who were hand- picked by the world renowned university Harvard, to work with governments around the world to […]

Hosting Private Parties

Hosting Private Parties

The thought of hosting a private party is always an amazing and energizing experience until you get to the stage of drawing up your invitee list: It’s an opportunity to see friends that you have not spent quality time with and who you looking forward to meeting to catch up and have a great time. […]