Hosting Private Parties

The thought of hosting a private party is always an amazing and energizing experience until you get to the stage of drawing up your invitee list:

  • It’s an opportunity to see friends that you have not spent quality time with and who you looking forward to meeting to catch up and have a great time.
  • But then there are friends that sadly had a fall-out and you have to choose which one to invite and which one to sacrifice- the big question, is it your responsibility to manage the aftermath of the fall -out and be a peace maker or do you just invite them knowing that one might cancel or both might – meaning you lose  out on spending a great time with two great friends. Tough one!
  • What do I do about the friend who has a new partner? You really want this to be intimate occasion to talk about STUFF and not have to worry about how transparent you can be about the past with new bae being there! 
  • Finally there are the not so close friends that you invite for political correctness because they might see social media posts and personalize things … spoilers. To ignore them can cost you dearly in social circles.

Never and easy one but we all wish we had the money, time , and energy to host parties in clusters 

Anyway the most important part is to do what is best for you and think carefully about why you are hosting this party afterall, as they say in slang- do you boo!

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