Maintaining your weight goal during the party season

Maintaining your weight goal during the holiday season especially around festive season can be major challenge.

We work so hard, denying ourselves throughout the year, only to capitulate during the month of December. Off course we have to eat, drink and be merry but the results may be regrettable.

The trick to manage and maintain the weight you desire is to keep on the move and think ahead. Here are 5 of our favourite easy tips:

  • Avoid that exercise break. Force yourself to walk/run every day, even if it is just around the block.  Come January, you’ll be glad you hadn’t taken that break
  • Increase your water drinking by 50% – maintain regular sips in between meals especially if you are in the Northern Hemisphere winter. Here in the Southern Hemisphere water is obligatory in the sweltering heat.
  • Try to get enough sleep- It is understandable that you cannot sleep at 22:00 but if you are at a party, try to have a nap during the next day- “power naps have a lot going for them. Just 30 minutes can make a difference,” writes Nick Littlehales, author of Sleep. No matter how tired you are going to bed, remember to wash and apply night cream to your face.
  • Don’t party on an empty stomach- rather than “starving yourself” for that big party meal, arrive with some food in the belly. Enjoy a small snack of nuts, cheese or a few whole-grain crackers before you leave. This will help you tame your appetite so you can focus on the treats you really desire.
  • Be one of the last in the line to get food- That spread of food looks great when you’re the first one to it. But after a lot of people have helped themselves, the food doesn’t look quite as appealing. Imagine potatoes au gratin!!- — that enticingly crusty topping will be gone by the time you see it if you wait. Never underestimate the visual power of food.

( The last two tips are by Kristin Kirkpatrick, Centre for Integrative Medicine, Cleveland)

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