Our Approach to Eventing

The world of eventing  has a myriad of layers and types of events ranging from “sweet  sixteen” parties, rugby tournaments to flashy launches of brand new products to market, such as, an exciting new car model, a new beverage brand or the latest gadget or device. While these all necessitate various input levels of energy, feelings and emotions the one major element, required in common for every event, is professional organisation!

Hospitality Affairs, is a boutique events management company specialising in bespoke, high-end events for discerning brands. We do everything from concept, strategy to ensuring the desired outcome is achieved as well as performing the actual professional execution for the event. We therefore see ourselves as an extension and strategic partner of the client. We are inspired by creative skills and try to embed an artful inspiration in everything we do. We go beyond the common approach to creatively hooking guests to the client‘s brand.

We have done a number of incredible events  in South Africa and across the continent. We focus on events that give us the creative scope, as we love to make an impact – to ensure that people will remember our events over a long period of time. Detail is very important and we take care of all aspects – big and small, so as to free our clients from worrying about the actual event.

Life is full of clichés. Exclusivity is up to you

– Vaibhavi Keni

We regard ourselves as exclusive and choose the events that allow us express what we do best. We normally avoid weddings, 21st birthday parties and major public sporting events, though we welcome exclusive sporting events. 

When in future you are considering an event, a partnership with Hospitality Affairs will certainly ensure that you achieve your strategic and marketing goals. Feel free to call on us!

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