Themed and dress-up parties

It’s that time of the year again when we all get overwhelmed by invitations to parties, some whacky, some traditional and some absolutely mysterious! We all tend to gravitate to those that promise loads of fun! 

Dress -up parties are always stressful though and often make guests anxious, the simpler the theme the less fun, the more intense the theme, the more anticipation and fun. However, there is a risk involved that 80% of the guests do not bother to adhere to the theme making a few that do, look silly and spoiling the anticipated fun.

I have recently been to one and I made every effort to look the part, the host himself did not make an effort and I felt that the time I took preparing and fixing feathers and pins was wasted and I vowed never to bother as one ends up feeling silly and OTT.

Truth be told, being dressed to the theme is one true innovation and can make the party. On that, I say this season, dress for comfort and fun. Make an effort to honour the theme as per the invitation – it shows respect to the host and its ice breaker before guests start loosening tongues following downing happy drinks.

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