Understanding sustainability in the Events Business

Sustainability has become a very topical and extremely important subject. It is a focal topic of discussions within all businesses and industries as climate change increasingly impacts the world we live in. 

It encompasses the environment, conservation, consciousness, sound and ethical business practices and social investment.

For the events industry, all these are important but the focus has to be narrowed to create more impact and this is how we at Hospitality Affairs understand our role in sustainability:

  • For all our events use recyclable material
  • Limit the use of plastics
  • Water conservation 
  • Source suppliers locally
  • Develop skills and young talent through internships and youth employment for our events
  • Mentorship
  • Collaborate with other small businesses
  • Community Involvement – our varied experiences for visitors include visit to community projects and interactions and ultimately contribution by our guests and buying from small community businesses.

We recently used an old steam train dating back to 100 years for an event for one of our clients, Silversea Luxury Cruises. We worked with the owners to restore parts of the train that needed restoration and we are very proud that this investment will help the owners to sustain and grow their business. This also reinforces the importance of heritage and means that jobs are sustained.

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